Product code: IMI 3.1.5
Producer: BCM IMI
  • The bucket loader (also known as the bucket conveyor ) is the best service for this demand thanks to its superior features such as high productivity, easy installation and robust structure.

    Compared with other types of loading equipment, the bucket can carry large volumes of material vertically at high speeds without dust. Therefore, industries such as coal mining, steel, clay ore mining ... picking buckets is the 1 priority.

    * Construct of bucket loader/ bucket conveyor:

    Active pulley The main movement of the bucket. Pulley material is standard steel
    The passive pulley Fitted with a bucket tension, which gives the bucket sufficient tension to ensure friction between the belt and the pulley.
    Load bucket Usually the bucket is made of steel reinforced with tensile straps to ensure the installation on the high strength, firmly, the outer layer is covered with a layer of tole to prevent dust and objects. do not fall out.
    Cords Made of synthetic rubber inside the braided fibers. Load bucket requires durable, firm, abrasion-resistant and high friction. A very important factor is that the buckling coefficient of the bucket must be very low.
    Bulbs The bulbs are made of galvanized steel, cast, tapped and tempered to increase hardness, abrasion and toughness for steel grades. Set includes: (Bulong, Conical hat, Constriction feather, Flat feather or Concave feather (for steel bucket) Size according to European standard.
    Bucket Steel or plastic material. In addition, we use buckets made of stainless steel.
    Discharge bucket |Designed suitably so that the material can be easily moved into the bucket without clogging

     * Specifications

    Transmission speed

    1-2 m/s


    according to customer requirements


    5 to 40 tons / h


    380 v, 3 phase, 50 Hz

    Size of bucket load

    150 (mm); 175 (mm); 200 (mm); 240 (mm); 275 (mm)


    Plastic or steel bucket


    Steel or stainless steel


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    The bucket loader (also known as the bucket conveyor )

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