Conveyor system

Conveyor system, conveyor belt, industrial conveyor system is researched and developed at BCM IMI with outstanding features, effective application in production and assembly of domestic and foreign enterprises.

* The main structure of the BCM IMI conveyor system :

  • Conveyor System Frames: Usually made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum profiles.
  • Transmission belts: Usually 2mm, 3mm thick PVC tape, 1.5mm PU belts, ...
  • Actuator: Including steel or stainless steel roulo, chain or chain drive.
  • Traction motors: The motor speed is reduced from 0.2KW to 3.2KW.
  • Control system: Including Frequency converter, Sensor, Sensor, PLC, ...
  • In addition, the conveyor system can have more pneumatic system, hydraulic, ... depending on the application.

* Main application of conveyor system:

  •  Used in assembly lines, electrical and electronic equipment.
  •  Applications in the footwear and garment industries.
  •  Applications in the confectionery industry, beverages.
  •  In addition, BCM IMI conveyor system is also used to transport and move goods with high efficiency.

* We are committed to bringing quality industrial conveyor systems and conveyors at competitive prices.

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