Lathe CNC

Lathe CNC is one of the important mechanical processing techniques. Along with the milling, boring, drilling or planing ... the lathe technique gives the product surface creasing and high precision machine parts. The Lathe is one of the most advanced machining methods of machine parts manufacturing. CNC lathe difficult than machining is the application of CNC machines for lathe which brings the accuracy, high smoothness for the details are processed.

CNC lathes can perform a variety of distortions. These high-tech lathes can be machined into cylindrical, conical, ... on 2D planes, and even in 3D, and complex details such as gears, beveled, angular glide ...

The cutting process is done on specialized lathes. Currently the most commonly used lathes are CNC machines. CNC is the abbreviation of Computerized Numerically Controlled. The CNC name is set for machines that are programmed in a specific language to be encoded so that the machines understand and programmable motion to produce machine parts in many forms, from simple to complex.

These CNC lathes produce high accuracy and smoothness products. The amount of detail is much more than that of a machine without the need of skilled workers. We can easily see these CNC lathes in almost every workshop with small, medium and large scale production.



The product is used in the paint factory in Japan. Used to cover the top of the paint to cover the product without paint.
Used to template the product inspection after production to quickly detect defective products diameter.


The bucket loader (also known as the bucket conveyor )

BCM IMI manufactures and assembles the largest and most reputable roller conveyors in Vietnam.