BCM IMI specializes in manufacturing mechanical products for export processing zones, industrial parks, factories, factories. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced equipment, advanced testing equipment, 5S production process, ISO 9001-2008 quality management system and a team of engineers, skilled workers, rich in enthusiasm ... trained in the academy, prestigious universities both in and outside the country ... we have affirmed the position of a leading mechanical product processing unit. At present, we are supplying high quality products, good durability, good design and reasonable price.

Mechanics is the industry that directly produces all products for production and consumption. The products of mechanical engineering are very wide, from everyday items, electrical and electronic components to the equipment, machines for production, business services, goods circulation, objects private

 Look around you and wonder, are there any appliances, equipment, machines that are not man-made? All the technical products are through the machining process in which the important contribution, the decision of the Mechanic. Without manufacturing, there are no high-tech products. Manufacturing plays a major role in the manufacturing industry. Mechanical engineers are responsible for technical direction, managing the process of creating products according to design requirements. Fabrication engineers are also responsible for assisting and working together with design engineers and other specialists in multi-disciplinary design teams. Manufacturing engineers are the best advisors for designers through advice: how to design, manufacture, cheap and best.

Lifting conveyors are designed with flexible lifting capacity that makes it easy to adjust the height of the conveyor with low to high. Lifting convey
BCM IMI we provide a total solution for packaging machines for customers, from the supply of specialized machines such as carton packing machine, stra
The line is very simple and easy to adjust, suitable for many types of bottles. This is the perfect product line for beverage manufacturers commonly u
The line is mainly used for pouring beverages. Three functions of washing, filling, capping are incorporated in a body. The whole cycle is completely
BCMIMI in Hanoi assembled a white PU conveyor with two side manipulation tables according to the size requirements of customers.
Roller conveyor systems are commonly used in manufacturing companies especially in carton packaging plants, wood mills, garment factories and in the f
PVC conveyors are widely used in industrial production lines to speed up the production process, resulting in high efficiency, ensuring the production
The chain conveyor system is relatively simple, flexible and aesthetically pleasing as it is lightweight, easy to install and maintain. Chain conveyor
Conveyor system drying food improves the drying efficiency with all products Conveyor system drying food ensure long-term preservation products and ma
Conveyors, industrial conveyor systems are the main products that are manufactured and assembled by BCM IMI. We always listen to the share of customer
BCM IMI manufactures and assembles the largest and most reputable roller conveyors in Vietnam. We are committed to providing the best prices and quali
Stainless steel conveyor belt is an industrial accessory installed on stainless steel belt conveyor system. Stainless steel conveyor belt are made of
Supply of gray PVC conveyor is designed and assembled according to the production requirements of the enterprise to ensure the conveyor works well wit
The bucket loader (also known as the bucket conveyor ) is the best service for this demand thanks to its superior features such as high productivity,
Conveyor system for electronic factories ensures technical and quality factors
Assembling electronic components requires highly focused and careful work during installation. Therefore, the conveyor used must also meet the specifi
Automatic machines that are designed and manufactured by BCM IMI are used in the manufacturing, automotive, motorcycle, electronics, health and consum
BCM IMI offers a broad range of customisable industrial vacuum packager, ranging from manual table tops, to fully-automatic conveyor belt vacuum packi
The BCM IMI's continuous sealer provide quality assurance and safety when used. Continuous sealer for safe, long-lasting food preservation while maint
Shrink packing machine are available in a variety of sizes suitable for a wide variety of product shrink film, which can be used for food, pharmaceuti


The bucket loader (also known as the bucket conveyor )

BCM IMI manufactures and assembles the largest and most reputable roller conveyors in Vietnam.