Product code: IMI 3.2.1
Producer: BCM IMI
  • Conveyors, industrial conveyor systems are the main products that are manufactured and assembled by BCM IMI. We always listen to the share of customers to offer the best products.

    Our conveyors and industrial conveyors are usually made up of the following components and materials:
    - Conveyor frame usually made of  aluminum profile, powder coated steel, or inox.
    - Pipe tape is usually PVC, PU tape with different thickness.
    - The engine and controller we usually use DKM - Korea.
    - Support rolls and belts are usually made of inox.

    * Industrial conveyor system specifications:
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL20.300mm, without legs
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL23.500mm, without legs
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL19.200mm, without legs
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL17.500mm, without legs
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL18.300mm, without legs

    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL4.400xH350mm, direct drive
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL4.700xH350mm, direct drive
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL7.100xH500mm
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL6.300xH500mm
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL18.000xH400mm
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL7.600xH750mm
    - Inclined conveyor 35 degrees: W300 (430) xL6.300xH (100-3600) mm, direct drive
    - Conveyor W300 (430) xL6.300xH460mm
    - Conveyor W300 (410) xL1.400xH550mm, direct drive
    - Conveyor W300 (410) xL2.000xH580mm, direct drive


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