Trolley is indispensable product in the warehouse industry, supermarket ... because of its compact convenience has brought the most convenient for use
Lifting conveyors are designed with flexible lifting capacity that makes it easy to adjust the height of the conveyor with low to high. Lifting convey
BCM IMI we provide a total solution for packaging machines for customers, from the supply of specialized machines such as carton packing machine, stra
The line is very simple and easy to adjust, suitable for many types of bottles. This is the perfect product line for beverage manufacturers commonly u
Stainless steel flanges on the market with the popular size is always available in large quantities, competitive price. However, with special sizes an
The product is used in the paint factory in Japan. Used to cover the top of the paint to cover the product without paint.
Assembly jig is a jig used in the assembly of the mechanical assembly plant. Assembly jigs have many kinds, from simple to complex and high precision.
The line is mainly used for pouring beverages. Three functions of washing, filling, capping are incorporated in a body. The whole cycle is completely
Single press tool is the type of precision moulds used to punch out a series of mechanical components used in the manufacture of motorcycles.Each time
Assembly table for workers to work
Heavy racks are designed and manufactured by BCM IMI on Japanese technology lines. With the versatile design, easy to remove and move to install so th
BCMIMI in Hanoi assembled a white PU conveyor with two side manipulation tables according to the size requirements of customers.
Roller conveyor systems are commonly used in manufacturing companies especially in carton packaging plants, wood mills, garment factories and in the f
PVC conveyors are widely used in industrial production lines to speed up the production process, resulting in high efficiency, ensuring the production
BCM IMI provides all kinds of industrial manipulators, used in clean rooms with guaranteed quality, competitive price. Our stainless steel work table
Paper press tool is precision punched mould of 2 × 4 mm with a precision of 0.01 mm in size for specialty paper for electronic companies, 15mm paper w
Food trolleys are designed and mounted multistage quality rubber wheels, easy to move and certainly Purpose of use: Usually used in hotels, restaurant
BCM IMI is a manufacturer, installer of prestige and professional supermarket trolleys , 4-wheel carts, trolleys, industrial trolleys, factory trolley


The bucket loader (also known as the bucket conveyor )

BCM IMI manufactures and assembles the largest and most reputable roller conveyors in Vietnam.