Product code: IMI 5.3.1
  • Aluminium profile stands out in terms of properties as well as form and thanks to production techniques makes aluminum have competitive price. Aluminum is used increasingly in many industries, major markets such as the automotive industry have begun to recognize the incomparable properties of aluminum.

    BCM IMI is proud to be the quality, reputation supplier of aluminum profiles with high gloss and durability at competitive prices.

     BCM IMI's aluminum profiles are very rich in designs and models and can meet any customer requirements, which are available in large quantities at the factory's warehouse at Hoai Duc Hanoi

     With the slogan : "Good quality, perfect service, reasonable price", we are the leading supplier of aluminum profile for agents and factories nationwide with Wide range of products such as assembling table manipulation, conveyor belt, conveyor, racking rack, frame coupling, machine parts ...

    Advantages of aluminum:

    •  Soundproof, insulated: Made from aluminum profile, insulated with glass box, anti-aging EPDM gaskets and metal hardware, aluminum and glass walls are large, soundproof, high heat insulation. Aluminum profiles have thermal insulation is a high-grade material used in the production of windows, doors, glass walls
    •  Good strength: Addition, the grooves, walls in the aluminum bar structure is carefully calculated to create reinforcement, drainage channels, cavity insulation sound insulation. With this structure, aluminum profiles are soundproof, high heat and more prominent PVC plastic is good bearing. Represented in the solid structure of the aluminum bars are manufactured according to international standards, can with stand any pressure of wind or storm on the 12th level, not warped, shrinkage, oxidation and rust rust time, adapt to the complex weather conditions in Vietnam
    •  Light weight: Due to the fact that the shaped aluminum is a lightweight material with high durability, it is possible to design hollow chests with resilient reinforcements so that the use of this material will reduce the load of the entire workpiece. It is much better than a wall using other materials.


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